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Bluemoon Interactive is a small codeshop located in Tallinn, Estonia – the northernmost of the three Baltic States.

Bluemoon comprises three experienced and dedicated programmers, and several part-time designers. Bluemoon's core team has worked together since 1989; our products range from hardware drivers and 3D games, to secure banking and stock market software.

The common denominator of Bluemoon's projects so far have been ingenious solutions to complex technical problems and/or development-related issues (eg "it absolutely has to be ready by yesterday"-situations).

The most widely known (and used) Bluemoon development is the FastTrack P2P Stack – a peer-to-peer communications technology that powers world's leading file sharing applications: Kazaa, Grokster, and iMesh.

Currently, Bluemoon participates in several technology projects at Joltid – a company founded by the original team behind Kazaa and FastTrack.

Bluemoon Interactive
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