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•  Realtime systems
Almost all our projects so far have been realtime systems in one way or another. They have required us to put considerable effort into optimizing the realtime behavior of the system on both the algorithmic and implementation level
•  Simulations
We have in-depth knowledge in physics and mathematics. From our game projects we have experience developing realtime physics simulation code as well as complex AI (Artificial Intelligence) systems, including Neural Networks and Genetic Algorithms
•  Internet
We have developed Internet multiplayer games, software for WWW and SMTP servers, as well as the architectural core of an international Internet portal
•  GUI design
Our game and productivity software projects have taught us valuable lessons in user interface design. Sound Club - a music composer software by Bluemoon - has been renowned for its intuitive yet powerful user interface
•  Different platforms
We have firsthand experience developing for Windows 98 and NT (including VXD development), Unix, and OS/2
•  Programming languages
We program in C and C++ (preferred), as well as in Intel x86 assembler where necessary for speed considerations. Lately - because of our Internet projects - we have also obtained experience in languages like Java, PHP, and PERL
•  Project management
We meet our deadlines. To us, technical issues never have higher priority than project management issues. If time is of essence, we guarantee a solution within the given timeframe. Moreover, coming from the games industry, we have extremely high stress tolerance - learning to keep our heads cool and remain productive during the numerous "Christmas Crunch" periods. Naturally, over 10 years of working together in one team also helps
•  International relations
The majority of our projects have been targeted to international market. We speak fluent English and have worked in close cooperation with companies in the U.S., UK, Germany, The Netherlands, Switzerland, Sweden, and Taiwan, R. O. C.